Monday, July 11, 2016

Trip to Philippines, July 2016

This trip is all about sending off our sweet little boy to college and this blog will answer all the questions I have been getting from people. I'm not popular ...let me just put it out there lol. I started this around 2am Philippine time and that's 2pm USA time. I'm so jet lagged so I'm sorry if things get suddenly weird lol.

Why in Philippines?
Because he earned a full ride scholarship.

How'd he get the scholarship?
He took the Benildean entrance test and the results along with his high school records qualified him to the Benildean Excellence in Scholastics and Talent (BEST) Scholarship in Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts.

That and good genes :)

Test was online?
No. He took a trip with his dad to Philippines in November 2015 and took the entrance test in the school.

What school?
De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

Does he like to go to school in Philippines?
Not at first. When we first suggested the idea of going here he said, "I'd rather be a hobo than go to college there!" He said people here don't speak English.

Do people speak English there?
Lol...YES! My son was so silly saying that. We do speak English and we speak it in our cute Filipino accent.

We also use spoon and fork. Lol...for real! People have asked this! My goodness! Go and explore the world so you wouldn't have to shame yourself with these ignorant questions. If you can't

So what changed his mind?
The scholarship and the allowance from the school.

How long does he have to be in school?
It's 3 semesters a year and it'll take 10 semesters for him to finish his degree.

You won't see him that long?
Not really. He gets to come home every year. That or we visit him.

What's he taking?
Multimedia Arts

Do people really speak English there?
Lol... stop.

If you have more questions, hit me up in the comments section.

Here's some pics...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

GhinesCreations: My Etsy Shop

Finally! I can talk about my Etsy shop - GhinesCreations (although it's not like I haven't said a word about it). I mean there's never a day since I officially opened for business on April 5, 2014 that I didn't mention it to whoever I meet.

My personal account on Facebook is plastered with my hair bow posts, Dani's hair clip of the day, what bow I'm making, what new items are coming up, what orders are shipping out, how I package my items, what freebie I'm offering and the awesome reviews I'm getting from my awesome clients. 

I have a Facebook business page GhinesCreations too. It almost has the same content as my personal account but you can actually shop thru here. There's a little shopping cart beside Shop Now by my cover photo. If you click that cute cart, it will take you to my Etsy shop and I hope you fill that cart up with my lovely bows. That cart can hold as many hair bows and headbands as you want! LOL

I have a Pinterest account where I pin everything I've listed on my Etsy shop. So if you find something here that's no longer listed on my shop, I can definitely still make it for you. LOL...I always sound like I'm selling all the time. Well I can't help it. I want to make sure I cover everything.  

There's my Twitter account too. Its content is basically the same as my Pinterest activities.

There's my Instagram account. I am so thankful for this! This is where I actually met my cute as nuggets brand reps. For a long time, I have listed baby headbands with no baby wearing them. It's a blessing that my clients actually buy them even without seeing it on a baby. You have no idea how flattered and grateful I am for that! I have just started getting photos from them so there aren't much of their faces yet on my shop. But for the next four months, you'll see two adorable babies rocking my bows alongside my adorable daughter Dani.

I have Tumblr too. It's a blog about my hair bows. Lol... I know! I post here whenever I can. I haven't actually explored it as I should but it's an amazing site to get followers and buyers.

Last but not the least is another blog: Hairbows by GhinesCreations. Lol... I promise I will stop here. It's not updated because I just suck at updating. I mean who can actually keep up with all the updates for all these accounts?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Danica's 1st Day in Kindergarten

It was raining all day! We had to wait in the rain for the bus because the Transportation Department decided to move the bus stop away from our building to the stop sign in front of the Club House. This is actually the busiest intersection in the Towers Circle. For 11 years, the bus used to pick up and drop off kids right in front of our building where it was safe for the kids. Now Danica can never enjoy that. I have to PROTEST, right? lol

Although she did not care that it was raining, I did...seriously. I had to struggle holding the umbrella and the camera so I can take pics without getting my camera

After the bus picked-up Danica, I drove and rushed to her school because I forgot to put her NAME sticker on her shirt! Bad mom! Aside from that, the bus number that's supposed to pick her up was bus #30. Instead, it was bus #2. The bus driver, however, did tell me that it was going to her school when I asked her. Still, l want to make sure and I had to give her her name sticker so I went. I was glad that I did because I get to take more

At the school, she looked so cute getting off the bus. She held on to the rail with both hands making sure she won't fall. This made me want to cry ...but I held it She slowly walked towards me and asked, "how did you get here?" Aww...she probably thought I had

I was not surprised to see moms and dads lingering in the hallway. It was so hard to leave! We were like paparazzis stalking the kindergartners and taking lots of pictures even when they're not even

Danica looked so tiny yet so confident. She didn't look scared at all. She was all smiles. When I finally had the courage (LOL) to say bye to her, she nodded Ok. But before I can go, she gestured she wanted to hug me....awwwwwww.

 Ariel book bag

our hallway

 one cute pose for mommy

waiting for the elevator

another cute pose inside the elevator

right outside the lobby


in front of the Club House ... cute face

 cute cute face

fun in the rain

there she goes

both hands on the rail...being safe

one foot down

slowly walking on the puddles

checking out her shoes...glad they're not wet

one more pic before she goes inside

they had to sit in the hallway while waiting for everyone to come in

with Mrs. Amtsberg (the teacher) ... she's so sweet

she's so tiny compared to that boy

 she's back!